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Smart combination of new Midrex DR plants in existing BF based integrated plant solutions for lowering OPEX and CO2 emissions vs the stand-alone approach

Value Realization through NetZero Implementation

Modelling of hydrogen reduction of iron ore fines

Towards reducing carbon emissions from Blast Furnace through tuyere injections: A RAFT-RIST approach.

TRL Krosaki initiatives towards greener environment

Scrap Based Steel Making Opportunities and Challenges

Sustainable BF process at Tata Steel Netherlands

Harness the capabilities of biology to transform carbon-rich waste gases into ethanol and valuable chemicals

Clean Energy for Steel Decarbonization

Generation of Biochar and Green electricity from biomass for utilization in blast furnace

Developments of the ULCOS Top Gas Recycle Blast Furnace Process

Gas-based DRI production using natural gas and hydrogen as reductants

Direct Reduced Iron and its future in Steelmaking: The use of Hydrogen for Green Steel Production

Real situations in utilizing Green hydrogen

Design and Synthesis of Hydrogen Donor Polymers for Steel Making: Use cases in Coke Making & Beyond


HISARNA : Alternate Ironmaking


The Low Carbon Blast Furnace – Why it matters and How to get there

Present and future opportunities in green steel production: A green heat perspective.

Failure Resistant Copper Staves

Green Tap hole clay: A Cleaner & Greener solution for future generation

Green initiatives in Hot Metal Handling Area

Future of green ironmaking using BF/BOF route Blue Blast furnace & EASyMelt

Recent Process Innovations through Tata Steel UK blast furnaces

ACME’s Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Initiatives: A Leap Towards a Sustainable Future

Clever Carbon innovations, strategy and progress towards the goal of low carbon Iron making

Advanced and Reliable Refractory Solutions for a Green and Sustainable Approach to Blast Furnace Iron Production

Blast Furnace process optimization for sustainable Iron making

Intro to the Helios Cycle, a novel method to reduce iron ore

Climate and sustainability trends: Global policy and regulatory moves and implications for Indian industry